Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Art Round 2...

So, here I am again. Today I just wanted to get something out of my system. I have been sort of cranky and irritable lately. I had some sort of bad news on Tuesday and the rest of my week has been a little down hill from there. There have been some good spots for sure. But one bit of bad news can stick in my mind for a while.

Anyway, I made some bad art. I didn't care. I just did it. I just had to get something down. I felt so much lighter after I was in my studio for a while. It also helped that I took three bags of clothes to Goodwill. That never hurts either. So, while I am purging my head I am also purging my house. It's a great combo.

So, the pieces both have young girls in them. I think this might reflect on my daughter. There is something so amazing about little girls. Having a boy and a girl I can say that there is a difference between. Little girls just have a different point of view. I LOVE that whenever my daughter sees one of her friends they always hug each other. Boys stop doing that. I don't know why. We have never told our son that he shouldn't hug his friends. I know that I still hug my friends when I see them so maybe it is just by observing that they learn this. Also, since we have a new President my daughter has talked a lot about when she is going to be President. She has some pretty impressive ideas. Including making everything one dollar. Most importantly would be that kittens and puppies would be a dollar. This might have something to do with us telling her that having a dog is expensive.

So back to the art. The pink piece I made with an Exacto in some paint. I do know it looks like her arms are cut off. Or as I interpret it, her arms are caught inside her skirt.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I made it to the studio tonight. I am so happy. I get so cranky when I don't have my time out there. I worked some and cleaned some and it was great. I am a pretty unorganized person, but my studio has everything that I want and it all has a home. I think the only reason I am able to keep it that way is that I am the only one who uses it. If the kids were out there I would not be able to keep it organized as easily. I always think I want to share my space with the kids, and in the summer I do, but it actually drives me crazy when they are in my studio messing with stuff. I don't mind if I pull things out for them to use. I usually buy them their own supplies so I don't have to worry about mine. I feel bad that it annoys me so much. I think everyone needs some small space of their own when you live with other people. Even if it's just a corner table. I know how important it is to me. Josh has his own space too.

So, I worked on two pieces tonight. One I finished and figured out that gel medium and my color prints don't mix well. There is some green on it. Oops. The second one I will have pictures of tomorrow. The paint is not dry yet.

Still haven't organized my house. There is not a lot of storage space around here so it is a challenge. This is one of my goals for the new year. My best bet is probably to purge a lot of stuff. I think that just might be my next step.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is one of those days. My daughter is home sick, my house is a wreck and working in the studio feels like a guilty pleasure. I did go out for a few minutes, but I just could not work like I wanted to. I have heat again which is really great. So, no complaints there. It's just hard to justify doing something that I enjoy so much when I feel like my little world is such a disaster. This does not mean I have been cleaning like a mad woman. Unfortunately I feel so overwhelmed by it all I just don't know where to start. I figure after everyone is in bed I can get down to it.

I did finish one piece today. I used Charcoal which I have rarely used. It gave me the line that I was looking for. I sprayed it with a fixative before I coated it in gel medium. Its titled "walking in the world".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up and Over....

Yesterday was frustrating. Today is better. I came up with something. I am not sure that it's finished, but so far it seems alright.
This is called Tragedy Bound. It sounds pretty bad, but I the words fit the picture for me. I am not sure why. Things just happen like that sometimes.

Not much to add. Still did not start the purse that I was going to start yesterday. I am a major procrastinator. It could be that my sewing space is a disaster. Hmm, maybe!

So there it is. One day of frustration and I was back out there. I am happy about that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hitting the wall...

So, I guess I forgot to post yesterday. I loaded about 200 photos onto Flickr and I think I spaced that I didn't put any here. 

Yesterday was a fairly productive day in the studio. I made a one piece and primed the paper (I use water color paper) for more. So the top piece I made yesterday after watching this very amazing historical event on TV. The other ones I made on Friday and Saturday.

Today is a whole other story. I feel really unproductive. I just spent about 1.5 hours in the studio and came up with nothing new. I painted a little, but I just didn't have any ideas. Part of it might be that I was just distracted by how cold my feet and hands were. But I just feel like I have lost my creative mojo. I know the best cure is to keep working so I tried a couple things, it's just nothing is clicking. It's very frustrating. I can't force anything though. I know that just makes me more frustrated. So, I have hit a proverbial wall. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get past it? 

The second piece is my little joke. I LOVE old typewriters. I collect them. I even have a typewriter charm bracelet my friend Serena gave me. I wear it every day. Anyway, that is what the second piece is about. It's pretty silly, but I like it. 

So this is random, but here it is anyway. Since my studio is outside and minus heat I keep warm using mechanics overalls. I bought them to keep warm, but I also realized I am a very messy painter. So now I wear them all the time and I can wipe my hands wherever I want. It's great. And I don't get paint on my clothes so I don't have to worry about that. I bought mine at a thrift store for about $6.00 which is a steal. Anyway, a little random tip. 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Broken Momentum...

I was doing so good. Posting everyday. Then my internet connection and my phone went down. Turns out there was a short in the wire. Just because I couldn't post doesn't mean I stopped working. I was out in my studio having fun. I am not really impressed with what I came up with. I am happy though because I see some elements that keep coming up in my work. Maybe I am finding what art by "me" looks like. 

I used to make my art from a really dark place. It was all very dark and usually sad. Throw some really angry in the mix and that was what I could come up with. I am not feeling that way anymore. At least not nearly as intensly as it was before. I felt lucky that I could pass some of that feeling into my art and let it go a bit. Now things are a bit different. I have other things going on in my life and most of them are really positive. I learned how to let go of some of the really bad stuff and not let it be the prominent guide in my life. So, this is I believe what is causing my art to change and adjust a bit.

I think I have a very long ways to go before I ever feel comfortable calling myself an "artist" but I can say I make art. I have to admit I don't think I will ever be able to call something that I have made "good". I will always see something that can be improved and I think that is OK. It keeps me wanting to try to do better.

I have a ton of ideas in my head right now and they are waiting to be let out. They are not pictures, but colors. I never see anything I make in my head before it is done. My brain doesn't work that way. I like to think of colors and then work from there. The images that I use and the actual color combinations I use come as I am working. I was talking to my friend Alea (who has a new blog 

) and we were talking about how she likes to have a theme to work with and I freeze up if there is some kind of theme. I am not sure why, but trying to keep something within well defined borders makes it almost impossible to work. If I have a size limitation I can do that, but an actual theme will pretty much cause my brain to stop working. 

Above is another piece that I did. I have more too. Sorry for the randomness of this post!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I did it again. I worked in the studio. I didn't work as long as yesterday. It was too cold and I still couldn't get the heater working. I did make one piece. I thought of it the same way as yesterday. I didn't care if it was good or bad, I just wanted to make something. So above is what I came up with. My New Years Resolution is working for me. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Permission to make bad art.

Today I finally made it out to my studio. The sun was out and it wasn't too cold. I had a heater just in case but never needed to use it. At first things were pretty easy. I cleaned everything up and had a completely clear space to work. That was my first problem. When things are neat and tidy I feel like I have to make something really "good". That is not the only reason I feel that way. Having a "studio" makes you think you always have to make very serious art. At least for myself. There is that pressure, that feeling like "well, you have a studio so get to work and make some money. " That is the hardest for me. I don't do well trying to make things to sell. I don't know any artist that feels good when they are trying to make things to sell. The whole point is to be creative and that may mean making "bad" art. So, today I gave myself permission to just do that. I turned off my critic and went to work. I wish I could say that I was really happy with my work and it miraculously turned out fantastic. It didn't. It was bad. Amazingly, it was also fun once I got into it. I did whatever I wanted, however I felt like it. I broke the rules. I dirtied a million paintbrushes. It was fantastic. So, here's to making bad art. I had so much fun I plan on doing it again tomorrow. 

P. S. Just so it's known that I am serious above are some of the pieces of "bad" art I made. No they are not very good, but they are mine.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year, New Art!

So, Happy New Year to anyone reading this!

So, I have a resolution. Make more art! I have been avoiding making anything. My critic is alive and well, and I have been a chicken. Well, that is going to end. I promise the next time I post I will have a new piece to show. 

New Year, New Art...