Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something different...

Today I was feeling uninspired. Even so I decided my best bet was to just be out in the studio and keep working until something hit me. I made my first piece "Gypsy Moth" and wasn't really happy with it as it was. I then decided to make a collage. I haven't made a collage(y) collage in a while. It was really fun. I actually really like it too. It's 12 x 16" hardboard, but I used watercolor paper and then mounted it. I think it really helped me get past that anxious feeling that I get. The one that says I am never going to be creative again! I can have some pretty negative self-talk. The trick I think is to just keep working and ignoring what your brain might be saying.

I did go back and work on "Gypsy Moth". I am much happier with it now.

Both of these pieces are going in my shop.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. We are enjoying a long stretch of beautiful warm weather here in Portland. It sure is nice. It feels like summer has already started.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool women

I made some new pieces. One of them I had to fix. I really like them. The first one features a very lovely looking girl/woman. It's hard to tell how old she is. It almost looks like a high school graduation photo. The other one is taken from a vintage photo of a cowgirl. I love it. She looks pretty damn tough. Over her picture is the definition for Pure. One of the words that they use is "real". I think that really fits. These are both encaustic pieces. That seems to be the only thing I do now. I just love it. I love how it smells! Nothing smells like beeswax. It's a good smell. Unfortunately it also seems to attract bees to my studio. I have some netting curtains that are up, but the bees sometimes get caught in them. I do let them go.

Well, one more day to go and it's the end of the week. I am ready for the weekend. For a short week this one was full of all kinds of things. I am ready for a break. Some "normal" time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to keep the heart healthy

That's the name of one of my new pieces. I like this one. I used coffee dyed paper and a charcoal heart that I had made a long time ago. The title I found out of an old medical book that I collect. I used some oil paint for highlighting parts of it.

I haven't been out to the studio today. It's been a crazy day. I am counting on tomorrow for some time. I did check out a new book from the library to give me some inspiration. It's called Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional roots. I don't quilt, but I love the patterns that quilters use and the colors of the fabrics. I think sometimes I find more inspiration from other objects besides paintings. Fashion, quilting, scrapbooking, bookmaking etc.. all are really inspiring to me. I don't do them (I sew sometimes), but they usually have great color and lines.

I just re-worked my Etsy shop. I have been learning so much about how to do things. I realized that my descriptions were pretty boring and my tags were not right. I also made sure all the titles were in the right format. Then I posted two new pieces. Whew, it's been busy. Take a look if you get a chance and let me know what you think.

Also, if any of you have any positive plumbing thoughts send them our way. We have a leaky pipe and have to rent a jackhammer just to get to the pipe. Eek, that is seriously scary.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Magical Mushrooms... (not that kind)

Kansas City, Missiouri

My Magic Mushrooms
I made a new piece this weekend. In fact I made four! The second piece which I am not posting, turned green. It's because of the gel medium and the print. Not good. I have to use strictly wax on the picture. It will be redone and put in the shop. The mushroom one above is made from with a page out of an old gardening book. I love old gardening books and medical books for cool backgrounds. I also collect old Atlas's and use the maps too. The painting called "Kansas City, Missouri" was made from a map of... Kansas City, Missouri. I put this one in my shop on Saturday.

I think the toughest part of being an artist is setting your art out there and hoping someone likes it. Even if they don't buy it just knowing that someone likes it feels pretty good. When I am in the process of making something I don't think about who will like it. I just need to make it. It's after the piece is done and I want to put it in my Etsy shop that it kind of makes me nervous. I have to get over that and let it go. I don't like to sound negative, but I think that will take a lot of work on my part.

Anyway, on a happier note, the weather here has been beautiful and because of the long weekend I was able to spend lots of time in the studio. I love that.

P.S. No fishing for compliments here!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Could there be anymore?

Ok, these last couple have days have been really stressful. All sorts of crazy stuff coming out of the woodwork. I have needed my space more than ever. I am forever grateful to have a studio. I am one lucky person to have a whole separate space completely my own that is devoted solely to art. I forget sometimes how fortunate I really am. Then stuff comes up and I realize what a refuge it really is.
I started the above piece the other day and just finished it today. It represents how I am feeling right now. It's titled "tangle" and I think that is pretty accurate. I am putting it in the shop today.

Before I get on a pity party, I know I am not the only one dealing with difficult stuff. I think it must be the planet alignment or something. Not that I actually know anything about that, but if you do let me know. Maybe it's just in the air....? No matter what I am lucky for what I have and try to remember that... most of the time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Temporary block..

Bee - Encaustic 2009
I think I am having a hopefully very short lived creative block. I have so much stuff going on with my family at this moment that I am finding it hard to concentrate. Nothing major just all that little stuff that comes up and has to be dealt with right away.

I am still working in the studio and trying to work out the kinks of my current work. Nothing is really doing it for me though. So, I'll go back in there tomorrow and see if something get's me going

I just read this really interesting post. She makes some really valid points and has some questions that I think a lot of bloggers do. Especially on comments and etiquette. Check it out.

Above is one of the pieces I worked on this weekend. It's going in the shop today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new and found...

As I said in my last post (a little gushy, I know) I found my painting. It was sitting up on a shelf looking all nice and pretty. I had no idea I was being so responsible!

Things are a little dreary here in Portland. It's raining again. My car window came off it's tracks and I have to manually close it. Unfortunately I can't close it all the way and I end up with a semi-wet seat. I am waiting for the nice weather to come back tomorrow so I will not have to sit on a towel anymore.

I made it out to my studio today and I made a piece that was sitting in my head since last night. I made a different one last night too. I was busy! The second one is called Indecision (that's the one I made today). Maybe it should have been called procrastination. I LOVE working in my studio and updating the shop so much that I sometimes forget that I have a house and dishes to do etc... It's good to forget once in a while, but now that I look around I have to decide where to start. OOps.

I have two other painting that I might put in the shop tomorrow. I think for now I will just put them up on my little corner of Flickr.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

I usually don't post twice a day, but I wanted to say thank you. I received two very nice comments from new blog readers and it was so nice. I love getting comments from friends that I know and it was such a surprise to see new names too.

So, thank you.


P.S. I FOUND my painting! Picture to come tomorrow....

Creative bursts...

I had a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous. Friday night we went to the potluck and it was so much fun. It was so fun we stayed until 2am! That is a record for me. At least in the last couple of years.

Saturday was all about working in the studio. I came up with 2 new pieces which I then tried to photograph. This is a major weakness on my part and something that I need to work on. Even with the tripod an being outdoors it just turned out really crummy. The last good photos Cinda took and they turned out really well. I should have paid much more attention to what she was doing. I have a lot more research to do on this I guess. The good thing is that I have a good camera and that is a good start. Unfortunately I am not completely sure how to use all the functions. I haven't played with it except to keep it on the automatic setting.

Sunday I spent time again in the studio. I came up with another piece that I really like. I also cleaned my studio which it needed very bad. I did such a good job of cleaning that I put the piece I made away somewhere and NOW I don't know where it is. This is actually driving me crazy. I can't find it anywhere. I like how it turned out too. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a post that shows it. Wish me luck!

I just posted the top two pieces to my shop. I know have 17 pieces for sale. I figure that is pretty good. There will eventually be something there that someone else will like. I did take one piece down that I just did not like and the more I looked at it the more I decided it was really not good. It was a huge relief.

I just started rereading Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco. It has such great information in it. I think I am getting much more out of it the second time. Now that I am actually trying to sell and have a business I can apply a lot of what I am reading. Not all of it works for me since everything I am doing right now is originals.

Last but not least is this awesome video. I posted it on facebook, but I have to put it here too. I love it! I am becoming very fond of Lisa Hannigan.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am an Etsy Seller!

I made my first sale in my Etsy Shop on Wednesday! I am so excited about it. I think we might have over done the packaging, but I am positive that the painting will get there in excellent condition. It feels really good to have sold something. I did not really have an idea when someone would buy anything from me so it was a really nice surprise. Now I am hooked. I am trying to figure out ways to get more people to my little spot. I have found the Etsy showcase and tried the collage showcase. I am trying it again tomorrow. It can't hurt. The best way I think is to keep posting new work. Tomorrow I planned on going to the Alberta Art Hop, but think I have to spend a large chunk of time in the studio instead. It's going to be beautiful tomorrow (as it is today) in Portland so I am a bit sad that I won't be out walking around checking out the awesome art. Hopefully I will be creating some of my own.

Let's see, other things going on are that I am going to have an awesome dinner with my family and some wonderful friends like her and her. And some other awesome folks. I have just finished making some chocoate cupcakes and some coconut ones. Now it's on to the frosting. Yum.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy time...

So, being as yesterday was Mothers Day I ended up having a lot of time in the studio. Josh BBQ'd and the kids gave me homemade gifts. It was a sweet day.
I came up with two new pieces which were fun to make. The names were both inspired by songs I was listening to at the time. The first on is called "Blue Moon". I was listening to the Cowboy Junkies version and I love it so much. It seemed to fit the piece. The second piece is called "Have mercy". I was listening to Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose and that song came on. It seemed like an appropriate title for a piece that didn't seem to want to go right. I kind of like it now. It has MANY layers of beeswax which look pretty cool. I don't think I have ever put this many layers on one piece before. It was fun, but a little frustrating. I just didn't know when this piece was going to be done. I just added both of these to my Etsy shop.

Since both my kids are home from school today I am not getting much of anything done. I am slowly working my way thru Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It's fun to read.
Other than that I am hoping to get out in the studio tonight and for the rest of the week. For once it looks like a pretty tame one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Pieces

I made some new things. I actually made one today and then a couple a few days ago that I had forgotten about. They are pretty personal, but I thought I would post them anyway. Sometimes things need to be made and put out there. When I had an art show at Space Monkey a year and a half or so ago all of those pieces were extremely personal. Each and every one had a story that was pretty painful for me. The funny thing was that after showing all of those pieces it sort of purged all of that bad stuff for me. So although the pieces I make are still really personal (what art isn't) they don't carry the same baggage that the other pieces did. I still sometimes have a hard time and will come up with something that might be crappy, but it had to be made at the time. "forgive me" was one of those pieces for me today. It just had to be made. For my own personal benefit I guess. Sort of like why I feel the need sometimes to come and write on this blog. I have no idea if anyone even reads it, but I always feel better after I have written here. It saves Josh from having his ear talked off so that has to be good too.

Tonight is my kids Art Night at school. I am really excited to see what they have come up with. I love looking at what creative ideas kids have. Even when they have an art assignment each and every one is so different. It's such a thrill to see it all out there. I love that the kids school does something like this.

I have been putting Bon Iver on repeat over here. I love him. I went through this time a few weeks ago of listening to him over and over again, then I stopped. Now I am back. I highly recommend checking him out if you haven't heard him. Beautiful stuff....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I promise I won't whine....

But OOOOH, this weather! What is up with that? One minute it is raining buckets (literally) and the next minute the sun is out. I really wish it would just let the sun come out and play ALL day.
I haven't been hitting the studio like I should. I have to go buy some more boards to work on today. I went thru all of mine. I think that is actually a really good thing. It means I have been working. Just not this week.

The one thing that has me on a bit of a learning curve is how to budget for art supplies. Maybe other people do this already, but I don't. I have been just getting what I need when I need it, but now my husband has put us on a (choke, choke) budget. So, I can't just go whenever I want and buy what I need, or honestly buy stuff that looks interesting and I want to try. We have it in our budget for me to buy them, it's just that I can't go out and buy whatever I want. I never went completely crazy, but there is something so liberating about spotting some kind of thing you want to try and bringing it home and either 1) trying it right away or 2) letting it sit in your studio for who knows how long until you find some reason to try it out. It seems silly, but I LOVE having new art supplies. It's like my daughter with a new box of crayons. I totally get that.
So, do you budget for supplies? Or do you just buy what you need when you need it and forgo that cup of coffee etc... Or are you just independently wealthy and have no idea what I am talking about?

As soon as I have some thing new and interesting to put up here I will. Hopefully today. I am working on an altered book using beeswax which is really cool. That might take a while. The Owl painting above is from a set that I did of different birds.