Friday, July 31, 2009

My 100th Post!

I can't believe I am on my 100th post!

I made it to the studio this morning. It's cooled down really dramatically. I know it's supposed to get hot this afternoon again, but right now it feels really good out. Turning on my wax was great! My studio smells really good again. Then I got to work. I came up with two pieces this morning. If feels really good to be productive! I am going to be posting these pieces to my Etsy shop today. That will be a nice thing too. I haven't added anything to my shop in a while. I feel like it has been really neglected. Poor thing!

I just have to add that I have been listening to Those Darlins this morning and I LOVE them. The songs are kind of sassy and very funny. It's definitely worth checking out

I hope you have a great day. If your in Portland, enjoy this really nice cool weather!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


By maranpis

Sorry for my lack of posting. I have been melting in the heat here. I haven't been working in the studio even though I have been out there. I just can't imagine turning the wax on in this heat. The studio stays fairly cool until the late afternoon, but then like everything else... it is hot. I do miss doing some creating though.

For my birthday my in-laws gave me a gift certificate to Fabric Depot. I love that place. I do get a little overwhelmed in there, but I love looking at all the different designs and colors. It makes me think about all the things I want to make. I picked up some fabric for a purse that I am going to be making soon and more fabric for a dress that Maggie wants me to make her. I have really wanted to sew, but I haven't yet. Again, the heat.

I have some ideas that I want to get down here very soon. I also have some home improvements that need to be done soon in preparation for my mother in-laws visit next month. Nothing like a visitor to get you cleaning and fixing.

I hope to be posting here more often as the temperatures start to drop and more work gets done in the studio.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Too much heat...

Lack of posting due to lack of working, due to heat! It is too hot to be out in the studio at the moment. I tried to get up early, but I have dishes to do etc.. that I am also trying to get done in the early hours. I plan on getting out there as soon as it cools down a bit.
Hope everyone in PDX is keeping cool!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not "Feeling Blue"

"feeling blue"

I made this piece yesterday for the show in September. It was really fun to make. I used a lot of different elements just for fun. I think my favorite part is this small black and white print from a contact sheet. I don't know who it's by since I bought the sheet at Scrap. I love that place. I haven't been in a while, but I think it's time I went back soon. Anyway, I am trying to balance out what I make for Etsy with what I make for the Skating with Scissors show in September. The show in which I still have no idea how I am going to display anything!

I haven't worked yet this morning. I had to wait for the UPS man and I didn't want to miss him if I was out in the studio. He came, he went and now I am out here. It's nice and cool in the studio right now. Even with the doors wide open it feels good.

I am looking forward to this weekend. For the first time in a long time we actually don't have anything planned. I know it's only Tuesday, but I am really excited to have my husband home all weekend. It's supposed to be a hot one so I am predicting some watermelon and bbq time. I realize I have a few days to go before any of this happens.

Time to get to work!

Monday, July 20, 2009

New piece same series

I made a new piece today. It's my fifth "little white dress" piece. I love making these. This one has little buttons made out of a vintage map. The white trim is from my stash of vintage sewing supplies. I love finding stuff I can use in new ways. I am going to post this in my neglected shop today. Poor thing needs an update.

I had a really lovely weekend. My friend Serena had a birthday party on Saturday night which was really fun. I was able to meet some new people and put faces to names that I have heard. They had a lovely fire going. It was great. Then yesterday I had a brunch for some girlfriends. I didn't take any pictures of either events! I can't believe that I forgot. Anyway, it was really nice to see everyone in one place. The food was good and the company was great. The only downside was that it was really hot and my yard does not have shade. From what I have been told it sounds like it's going to be a hot week in general. Welcome to July.

I worked out in my studio today and it felt great. I have not really been out there on a consistent basis. But that is going to change this week. I didn't wake up early like I normally do, but I still made it out there. I have a few ideas swimming in my head that I hope to get down soon. I will post more pictures as more pieces are made and ready for the shop.

So the Skating with Scissors show is 2 months away and I am getting nervous. I don't have any display ideas. I also don't really have a display in my budget. I am trying to think of something that is easily mobile and looks good. I will be searching the internet for ideas. Hopefully I can find something that Josh and I can build. We are not real DIYers, but we can give it a shot. It has to stand up at least for this show. Depending on how it goes I will then decide if I do anymore. I have one that I am for sure doing in November. That is for my kids school. It was great last year and I think it's going to be even better this year. I will post info when it comes closer to the event.

Stay cool Portlanders!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Never Mind...

OK, so I just thought I would be taking a break. I actually was able to get out and enjoy my studio today. I figured I would write a little bit about what I have been doing. To start off with I spent the end of the weekend/beginning of the week at my father in-laws house boat. It was really nice. The weather was a little chilly and it did rain a bit, but we had a nice time. It was just the kids and I. We missed Josh, but it was OK. He came for a visit, but with his work schedule he would have had no time to sleep. So, plans were changed and it all worked out. The other thing I am working on is my house. I have a lot to do. There are some women coming over on Sunday and I want my house to look good. I always panic a little bit about these things. I suddenly decide that my house needs to be painted, furniture needs to be moved, art needs to be removed etc... I usually can stop myself before I go completely off the wall. I do have a lot to do though so today will be completely devoted to the house and outside. Lucky for me I had my studio time this morning. Anyway, that's about it. Nothing too exciting which is how I like it.

I made the piece above last week. It goes with the other three Little White Dress pieces that are now in my friend Keely's house. I just loved doing that series. There might be more to come. I will just have to see. I put this in the shop, and I did a little shop maintenance. I have 39 pieces in there now. I still have a lot of work to do, but it feels pretty good to have a good amount of work in there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A small little break...

I have to take a small blogging break to do some stuff that has been impatiently waiting to get done. My studio is in hibernation as well. I will be getting back to it at the beginning of next week.

Hope you PDXers are enjoying the weather!

Friday, July 10, 2009

We have a winner!

Thanks for the comments. Thanks Maia for your comment on FB. So, I pulled a name out of the jar and it was..... Alea! Alea I will get you your painting.

So, I have nothing exciting to show! My kids have been staying up REALLY late and it's keeping me from getting any sleep. My routine has been thrown off completely. Instead of getting up at 530 I was awake at 330. So was my son. Right now Josh is blasting music as loud as possible and they are not even moving. O' to be young and sleep like a rock. We are trying to get them up so I can get some sleep tonight. The idea being that they will be tired tonight and fall asleep earlier than they have been.
My studio time hasn't been happening for the last couple of days. But I am out here this morning. I have the new Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's on and am ready to do something fun!

The piece above is one that I did a couple of days ago. I am on the fence about it. Not sure what I think of it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Giveaway!

"circle 3"

As promised since today is my birthday I am giving a way a painting! The one above is up for grabs. Just leave me a comment. I will be doing the drawing on Friday morning and will let you know that day.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009




I was able to get up early today and get some work done in the studio. The pieces I came up with this morning were a surprise. They are different than what I have been working on. They are collage pieces, but they are on the cute side. I have a lot of things that I want to get done today and I think I just wanted to keep my art simple. It was pretty fun. I am going to be putting "Francaise" in the shop today.

I recovered from my dry spell yesterday. I am picked up this book from the library: Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art. It's a really inspiring book. I love all the small prints. It also got me thinking about crafts and some of the things I haven't spent my time doing. I usually love crafty stuff. This got all sorts of ideas whirling in my mind. I don't actually have any wallpaper hanging around, but I do collect scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper has some of the coolest patterns. So, I thought I might use some of that. I have a special project that I will be working on for a brunch I am having. I will stay mum on that though since some of the attendees ( I think) read this blog.

Tomorrow is my birthday. To make it fun I am going to be doing a giveaway! I haven't picked the piece yet. Stay tuned tomorrow morning and I will have more details.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Holding pattern....

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend here in the states. I know I did. I think I might have had a little too much fun on the 4th, but it was worth it. I took a little time off from the studio this weekend. I didn't intend to actually take a break it just worked out that way. I am finding that I may not want to take a break. I seem to have a bit of a hard time finding my momentum when I do that. Today has been hard to get something made. I have made a couple pieces, but they are nothing that I feel really good about. I feel like I have some ideas (I know I have said this before) that are just below the surface. I have pulled out my sketchbook and will work in that a bit.

The above piece was made last week. The two I have made today I don't like and I think it just might be that they are not completely finished. I think I will come back to them tomorrow with some fresh ideas.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another one!



I did a lot of work this morning. I have 7 completed pieces. Some of them were worked on the other day, but just needed some tweaking. It feels pretty good to have some work finished. I just posted the two pieces above to my shop. They were done this morning.

The one titled "machine" was fun. I used silver leaf on this one. The wax over the silver leaf dulls it, but I like the way it looks. I liked making "N" too. It just felt good to get some things made. I actually how everything turned out. That doesn't always happen. Today must be a good day.

I don't have much else to say. I think I said it all in my previous post. Plus I am getting a little tired. I know it's early, but I have already been up 5 hours. Time to take a break.

Hope you have a great day. Enjoy the heat if you are here in Portland.


I just wanted to say hello. It is 6am and I am out in the studio. Usually I would be waking up right now, but I woke up at 430. I can usually fall back to sleep when I wake up that early, but today I didn't. I was actually really excited to make it out here. It's a little chilly which is nice. I was told by a friend that it was supposed to be 95 degrees today. I guess summer is here for real.

Today I have some ideas swirling in my head about what I will make. I don't know how things will turn out, but I think it's going to be fun to work. I am currently waiting for all the wax to melt. Sometimes that can be the hardest part. Unlike another medium where you just get started you have to wait on the wax to melt. The plus of that is the wax smell fills up my studio and makes it smell nice. The downside is just the waiting. Most of the time I turn the wax on and do something else while I am waiting (like doing this post). Other times I literally just wait until the wax melts. That of course is like waiting for a kettle to boil. It feels so looong.

I have noticed that some of my pictures of my art in the shop look off in color. I think I have to go back and fix them. It's the crummy monitor I have out here. Unfortunately it is all I have so I have to go with it. I checked the pics out on our other computer (with a much better monitor) and realized that my reds look more like magenta. Also, some of the contrast is off with the other ones. If you have looked in my shop you might want to check it out later. I am going to re post some photos here in the next couple of hours. I will probably leave the photos the same on the blog. Maybe not, but most likely I will. So if you want to see the actual colors check out my shop!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not much...

Not much happening today. I didn't wake up early to get out in the studio this morning like I planned to. I was giving myself a little leeway because I finished the two paintings above yesterday afternoon. I even posted them in my shop. I am out here now though. It's hard to take a day away from my space. So, here I am. I am not sure if I will actually do anything productive or not. I know I need to go in sometime and make cookies (which is crazy talk since it's so warm out). Lucky for me the kids are completely distracted right now so I have time to write this.

I even took some new pictures of the studio yesterday. I mainly took them of my electric frying pan which I am still loving and am so glad I found. I thought you might want to see exactly what I am doing with that. The little metal muffin tin and the individual tins all have my different colors of encaustic wax in them. I was buying colored encaustic wax, but have since started making my own. It give me a lot of freedom to decide which colors I really want to use. Its a fun process and I am still really enjoying it.

I might actually have some prints done soon. I have some acrylic collages and painting that I did that I am going to try to turn into prints. I haven't figured out much about how to do this so any suggestions would be welcome.