Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visual Journal...

I think I know why I am magazine obsessed. I need to journal. I used to use magazines and catalogs as journal pieces all the time. Then I went to canvases, then wood, encaustic etc... But I miss doing my visual journals. These pics are from the last one that I did. I am going to start one today I think. It feels like a good idea. I am the first to admit these pages are not the greatest, but they are not meant to be. They are just supposed to be a way of purging some thoughts and getting back to just basic paint on paper. I use watercolor paper for my journals. They hold the paint and glue really well.

So, here is part of my journal. Lots of pictures today!~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling uninspired...

I am not feeling inspired today. I went out to the studio, I turned on my wax and NOTHING. It's such a bummer when I feel this way. I really wanted to make something, but nothing was coming to me. This is probably a sign that I need to do some other stuff to stimulate my brain. I think I am going to do some Ashtanga Yoga (ooh la la) tonight to get my blood flowing. Other than that I have been a magazine junkie lately. I can go months without being interested in magazines and then something will happen and I just want to read them. I am a book person so normally I can get into a book and finish it pretty quickly. I usually have more than one going at a time. For some reason though even though I have a book I could read (actually I have several) I am not into it. I am into magazines. Part of it is the eye candy. There is so much going on with colors! I love the colors that are "in" right now. The purples and reds really get to me. Love them! The trick with reading all these magazines (vogue, elle, bazaar, etc..) is that I number one do not come close to looking like the models in the magazines, and two I couldn't afford a t-shirt ($86.00!) that they have in there. So, it's just for looking. And there is some inspiration there too. Like I said, the colors really get to me and sometimes the shape and flow of a garment can inspire me. It just depends.

Today I posted some more pieces in my store. I am feeling pretty good about it. Tomorrow I will have 40 pieces in there which is the most I have ever had. By the end of the week there will be even more.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Update that was...

I did it! I finally did an update on my Etsy store today! I am so relieved. I put about 5 new pieces up which means I will be updating all week. I have that many new pieces. I have a sale to get ready for at the beginning of November, but I am feeling confident enough that I will have more pieces for that show specifically.

I have opened the doors to my studio, but I haven't done any work out there yet. Which I know I just wrote that I will have a bunch of new pieces for this upcoming sale and yet I haven't worked in a week. I know it's coming though. I have been VERY unmotivated these past couple of days. I'm not sleeping very well so I think that is just part of it. It makes me really tired during the day. Even coffee doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I think I just need a solid amount of sleep in one swoop. I shall see if that is possible!

I hope you check out my update. I feel pretty good about it. I had to renew a few things that had expired as well so my shop is looking nice and full. I can't wait until the end of the week. Then all my pieces will be in there for everyone to see.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Delay...

Ok, I said I was going to update Etsy this week. Things are a little busy around her and I haven't had the time to get in gear.
The update is coming, just not until next week!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Etsy Update...

I am going to have a big update to my Etsy shop this week. I have a lot of new stuff that I can't wait to put on there. I would do it today, but the kids are home sick, already! Bummer. I am going to spread out my update so it will probably be all week. There is a lot.

Did the Skating with Scissors show. I learned a bit about how I want to change my display. I am glad I went and experienced a sale for myself. Unfortunately there were not a lot of people, and the ones that were there weren't buying much. Either way I am glad I did it, and I am glad it's over. Lots of stuff to get done that I have been neglecting!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My little white dress 6

This is my 6th Little White dress painting. They are so fun to make. This one has map tacks for buttons. It's really fun to come up with different items to use. I worked on another piece that I will have a picture of tomorrow. It's one that I had already worked on and thought I had finished. But when I looked at it today I realized there was a lot that could be done. It just wasn't finished. I think I have finished it. It looks much better. I am really happy with it.

I am not really working for the Skating with Scissor sale. I am working because it's not really work or an obligation, but because I can't imagine not being out in my studio. I can't imagine not working on a painting. It's strange how things go. I have been doing something creative for about the last 15 years. I have only been able to call myself an artist in the last year. I didn't take any art classes in high school or jr. high. I never would have even considered myself creative back then. It was not something that I was. I wasn't the one who had any artistic talent. It's amazing to me how much has changed. I truly feel like an artist when I am in my studio. Although most of the time if people ask me what I do I still say I am a stay at home mom. I am trying to break that habit. I am a stay at home mom, but I am an artist too. That felt really strange to write that by the way. I am so tempted to delete that, but I won't. I guess I am not as comfortable as I thought I am was with calling myself an artist. I just need to get used to it I guess.

I think we are all artists in our own way. Some can make their houses really beautiful, some people can make a meal look beautiful etc.. There are friends of mine who have many creative talents. I am a lucky person to know them. They inspire me greatly. I wish some of what they have would rub off! I have a lot to learn still, but I feel lucky in that I know so many artists and they are my friends.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, here is some more pieces I have made. I think I have more than enough for the sale on Saturday. It's going to be hard to decide what I want to display. I want to have enough of a variety, but I want them all to be cohesive too. Plus, I feel like I might be getting a little ahead of myself with having all these pieces. I don't know if I will sell anything. I do know that I will be posting to Etsy after the sale. It should be a big update!

I haven't updated my flickr account in a long time. I just realized when I went on that my account had expired (I have a Pro acct) oops. I have to update that. I think it's been a few months. I have a lot of pieces that need to go on there. My friends have all been really good about posting on there. It's fun to see what they have done. I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends. They are talented photographers. I do wish I was better at photographing. I am really happy that my digital camera has all the auto settings. I have NO idea how to do it manually. I did take a photograhpy class in high school (ages ago) but I think I barely got a "B" Sad, I know. I think the teacher was just being nice. I did try though. I just don't have the photography gene.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Skating with Scissors (or where I'll be on Saturday)

September 19, 2009

Skating with Scissors Craft Bazaar

@ the Hangar in Oaks Amusement Park

7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR

11am – 7pm * FREE Admission * All Ages

New stuff...

I have been working in the studio these past couple of days. The Skating with Scissors show is this coming Saturday (the 19th) at the Hangar at Oaks Park from 10am to 7pm. I am getting really excited about it. I have more work than I will probably need, but I can't stop making stuff. I feel like I am on a roll and I don't want to stop. Although I have to admit, today I am feeling really lazy about working. I have sort of forced myself to come out in the studio. I have a house that needs cleaning, but I can do that later. I like taking advantage of the time the kids are in school.

This weekend was a good one. I was able to get more supplies that I needed for the show. It's kind of fun having to buy bags and make business cards. I know I should probably at least go to Kinkos for business cards, but I am trying to economize. So, I made my own. They are super plain, but I like them. I tried to think if there was anything I could add to them since they are white with my info. in black. Not exactly exciting. Anyway, I have just decided to leave them be. As long as it has my info on it that is probably all I need. There is a lot to have for a show. I didn't realize just how much there really is to have. My friend Jen Neitzel was really helpful in telling me what I needed to bring. She is a pro. She has done many shows and knows all the things that you don't think of needing, but you really do.

This week I plan on more studio work. I am going to Collage today to buy some more beeswax and see what other goodies I can find. I am a fan of rub-on's and use them once in a while on my collages. I am interested to see what I can find today. This is probably going to be my only shopping of the week. And it won't really be shopping since I am on a really limited budget. That is part of the challenge though. I like the idea of making do with what you have. And I have plenty. But it's so fun to get new things for art. I guess the real challenge is balancing those two out. Wish me luck!

Note: just realized how off center the "buttons" are on the dress. I thought it would look cute, but it just looks really crooked. I will be fixing that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Display, Display, Display

I am working on my display for the show. It's not easy picking the pieces I want to go in it. I thought it would be easier for some reason. I just am not sure that they have a cohesiveness that I want. I usually make what I feel like and sometimes it goes with the piece I made the day before and sometimes not. It just depends on my mood. I am noticing that not everything goes together. Maybe it does. I don't know. I guess I will wait and see what my husband thinks. If you have any comments on the above pictures let me know. Feedback is always good.

Today is the second day of school and I was able to spend this morning having coffee with my friend Cinda. It was so nice to have time to talk to someone without worrying about having to get home right away because of the kids. Or having the kids there and having a REALLY hard time talking.

I wanted to also point out this very cool local blog for all you Portlanders. The amazing Karen Vitt has come up with The Neat Sheet. There is a cool giveaway on there right now. Plus, she has some other great deals on there. Definitely check it out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting Ready...

I am gearing up for the Skating with Scissors show. I have a bunch of new work that I will show there and then post it to Etsy (if it doesn't sell!) I am getting pretty excited. I feel like I have most things in order. I have things I still would like to make, but I have time. It's not until the 19th so I really have about 10 days. Of course, a few of those days are going to be taken up with kid stuff and then there is the fact that although I may want to sometimes, I can't actually spend every moment in my studio.

The kids are back in school and it is nice. It was such a quiet day today. Normally I would have been out here working, but I had my eyes dilated at the dr's this morning and it lasted a while. Tomorrow no drs appointment so I plan on using my time wisely. The kids are so happy to be back in school and they love their teachers so I can feel good about that even if I didn't get any work done.

The above two pieces are one's I worked on this weekend. The black one unfortunately had a lot of glare no matter where I positioned it. It was a productive long weekend for me. I looked at some old pieces I had done and saw some things I really didn't like. It's really hard for me to not judge what I have done in the past. I have to say, the couple of pieces I didn't like really were bad. I think I just needed to make "something" at the time, but now I look at them and realize I could do so much better. I am not disappointed (don't want to sound like that) just glad that I have other pieces that worked out much better. Anyway, it was good to look thru some older pieces and figure out what I wanted to pull for the show. I know I don't need too many pieces, but I want a good variety to choose from.

I have to say I am enjoying the cool weather in the morning. It seems fitting for kids going back to school to have a chilly morning.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today is the day I am going to clean up my studio. It's looking a little sad right now. I have a lot of stuff in here that actually needs to go into our garage (paint cans, charcoal (?), etc.) Plus my work table is a huge old mess. I am feeling so lazy though. I know I will feel better when it's all done. I just have to be motivated. I guess the motivation is supposed to be knowing that you have a clean space to work. Why is that not working for me????

I am also working on a new piece right now, but am a little stuck. Not sure which way I want it to go. Nothing is really hitting me. I am trying to find some music to listen to that will give me some inspiration. Right now I am listening to The Breeders. So far I think it might work.

The piece above I finished the other day. I think I like it. I struggled with it because I just couldn't decide if it was done or not. I am going to say it's done now. Or I will just admit that I am tired of it and want it to be done now.

This is our last weekend until school starts. I am thinking of how much I will get done when school starts. OOOH, uninterrupted studio time how much I have missed you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's been a busy couple of weeks around here and I am trying to get back into the groove of things. I have been spending most of my time getting the kids ready for school. I think we are all set now. It's only a few days away and we are all really excited.

As for working in the studio, I have been able to do a little of that too. I have some new work for the Skating with Scissors show which if it doesn't sell there will be put into the Etsy shop. My poor Etsy shop needs an update very soon. I just hesitate to put any of my new work in there until after the show which is September 19, at the Oaks Park hangar. You can find more info about the sale here. I have all my supplies ready and am just working on my display. That is the hard part for me I guess. I have never put up a display before and am just not sure how it will go. I will post a picture when I have it all figured out.

I plan on posting a lot more regularly now that things are starting to calm down.