Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be a Fan!

I set up a fan page on FaceBook. I felt a little silly doing it, but it' feels nice seeing different people becoming "fans". So, join me. I plan on putting up my work that doesn't make it on this blog and other updates.

here is the link:

P.S. I applied for the show I REALLY want to get into today. Cross your fingers for me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Again with the prices...and a show.

Ok, so after a lot of thought (I haven't been here in a while) I decided to raise my prices in my shop. I am using more expensive wood now so I need to make up for that cost. They will still be very affordable which is what I want. Anyway enough of that.

I am getting ready to apply for a show that I really, REALLY want to get into. I am not going to say what it is because I am afraid I might jinx it. The above piece is one of three that I am submitting. The deadline is coming very fast and I am not sure what other pieces to submit. I can submit up to 3. The one above is actually bigger than I usually work as it's a 10" by 10". I think I like it. I hope others like it. This is very stressful. Plus they want an artist statement etc... and I am clueless when it comes to those. I have a book that should help me. If I don't get in than at least I can say I had some good practice trying.

Nothing much has been happening around here. I got hit with a nasty bug a couple days ago and finally today feel pretty normal. It's not raining today which is always a nice change. We had a very depressing and wet sunday around here. It was dark all day and the rain never let up. I forget sometimes, especially on days like today, that it's January still. It has actually been pretty mild for us Portlanders. We still have to get thru February and March though. They can be crazy. And anyone whose been here when it snows knows how crazy we really are...

On another note, I haven't done anything remotely creative with all my cool vintage fabric I blogged about a while ago. I did move it to the sewing area. I don't think that counts as anything though. I love it so much and want to make some little bags and some day maybe a quilt. I have never made a quilt and it seems like a big endeavor but I could probably do it. It's hard to balance my studio time with all the other things I want to do. I really want to get down and sew, but once I am done in the studio I feel guilty if I don't at least put a little time into the house. Then it's time to pick up the kids and hang out with them until bedtime. By the time they go to bed I am ready for a bit of reading time and then bed myself. I used to be able to stay up really late and work on stuff, but now I am older and must get my rest :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have such a hard time determining how to price my artwork. I think this is a really common problem for a lot of artists. I have been told by good friends that my artwork is under priced. I agree with them, but feel funny about raising my prices. I know I should do it, but by how much? I think part of the reason people don't always buy from me is because my prices are low so they think they are getting something that is not worth much. I would like to believe that is not the case. I use quality wood and I spend a lot of time on my work. I just don't know how much it's really worth. I know there are equations you can use etc... I have never really used them because they usually require you to figure out the time spent on the piece etc... Well, each one is completely different. Sometimes the pieces just click together and I am done within an hour. Other times it can take me days to work on a piece. So, if I just based it on my time, I would be all over the place. I do like to make sure I have my materials covered, but again that varies piece by piece. So, I am at a loss. I know I need to raise my prices, I just don't know to what....

In other news I created a new Valentines piece. I was thinking of Valentines day coming up and what I would like to do to celebrate. Having kids usually means we celebrate as a family. No high romance here. I think I will make my family a dessert for valentines day. A couple years ago I made a lemon pound cake. That went over very well. I did forget however that "pound" meant a whole pound of butter. Hmmm, not so great for a diet.... This year maybe I will go with something a little lighter..

Monday, January 11, 2010


So, I am going to go off the subject of painting for a minute.....

My friend Serena gave me a big box of VINTAGE fabric. It's amazing. The box was full of treasures including vintage trims. I don't know yet what I am going to do with it all, but I know I am going to use it for something. Some of the fabrics are medium size scraps and some of it is bigger, actual yardage. My daughter has already picked out a few of the more precious fabrics that she wants to use.

Back to painting, I made it out to the studio this morning and created a piece using Cheesecloth. I think it turned out kind of cool. I just listed it in the shop.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Really nothing much...

I worked on two pieces today, but only one actually turned out. I also made another piece yesterday that I like. They are the two here.
One of my New Years goals was to get out in the studio EVERYDAY. I find that I function much better if I can have my studio time. It was really cold out there today and I am still cold even though I have been inside for over an hour. That wind is chilling. But I made it out there. The cold weather can make it harder to work with the wax. It dries much faster when the temperature is low. It can also make it kind of bumpy. I prefer it to be a little bit warmer. I used a couple of different irons and my heat gun and it worked alright. The wax just hardens really fast. It makes it difficult to manipulate. Especially if I am doing some incising and some scraping. The wax is so hard when I try to scrape it back that it takes a really long time. I am not particularly fond of the results.
Yesterday for some reason it seemed easier although I think it was just as cold. Maybe a degree or two warmer and that is all the wax needs.
Another one of my goals is to post on my blog everyday and I am failing miserably at that. I just don't have much going on at the moment. Now that the holidays are over I just get to do the stuff that has to get done and everything else is a free choice. Usually I am doing something with my kids, but I have had the urge to keep getting back in my studio even if I have already spent a couple hours there. Today was particularly frustrating because I really wanted to make something and what I came up with just isn't what I had in mind. It's like that itch you cannot scratch. I don't know what exactly I thought I would come up with, but this wasn't it. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to work a little more freely. Not sure what the weather is supposed to do, but I know I will be using my heater.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not much...

Not much to say. I did some work yesterday and today and feel pretty good about it. The pieces that are showing are the newest ones I have added to my shop. My friend just gave me a printer to go out in my studio and it is AWESOME. I took one of my journal pages and made a copy of it and the colors were right on. It was perfect. It even included a little border. Not sure how you go about getting prints set-up, but this is one way that I think I could do it.

I have many things that I want to get done in the studio this next week or so. It needs to be cleaned up and cleaned out. I have copy machine that I no longer use that I need to get rid of. It has toner, but I think it will need a new cartridge soon. It's good for doing transfers, I just don't use it enough. Plus with the new printer I don't have room. If anyone is interested in a desk top copier let me know. It's free.

So far I am really liking 2010. Yay.