Thursday, May 27, 2010

Short Post

This is a short post today. Mainly because I only spent a couple hours out in the studio. I did get the above piece done today and posted on Etsy though so it was fruitful. I need to get out and around people today! It can get a little unnerving when you are working by yourself so much I think. I rely on email a lot to talk to friends, but sometimes that just isn't enough. I need to be out and about in the world. So today I am going to run some errands and maybe take myself to coffee. I hope you are having a good day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work or Play?

Today I would say that I played in the studio. It's been a little bit of a hectic week so far, and it's only Wednesday. I spent a few hours working in the studio and came up with some pieces that I like. Sometimes I have to force myself to go out there, but almost 100% of the time I am happy I did. Today I couldn't get out there fast enough. It was a fun time. I am hoping tomorrow will be more of the same. I just listed these pieces in my Etsy shop. It seemed to be faster this time. Maybe I am more awake today. Don't know. At least it didn't take me as long as the other day.

The weather is still really dreary right now which stinks. I am looking forward to the sun coming back. It's hard to believe that School is almost out with this kind of weather. How the kids being home every day is going to effect how I get things done I am not sure. I am thinking that since they are a little bit older they can amuse themselves more. At least we can all be outside!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Stuff...

I added 7 new items to my Etsy shop tonight. Whew, that takes some time! I am glad I did it. I need to keep up on that. Etsy is REALLY slow for me right now which is a bummer, but I am hoping it will pick up soon.
Most of the new stuff I added was assemblage pieces. A little darker than some of the stuff I have done previously, but I guess that is just the kind of mood I am in. I did a lot this weekend when we had those dark gray skies and rain. Yuck. I am ready for some sunshine to last a while. Maybe it will change the mood of what I am making. Maybe not.
This will be a picture filled blog post this time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sorry I haven't written in so long (a month!) I have had some health issues and just have not been able to get it together to post. I was out of the studio for a while as well. BUT I made it back to it. Sometimes a break is a good thing. In this case it was at least.

I have always been fascinated with Assemblage artists. I love the use of ordinary materials to make extraordinary pieces of art. I have tried making a few things over the last couple of years, but nothing that I felt really great about. For some reason after spending some time outside the studio I was itching to get in there and try it again. I had an old drawer and some other things laying around that I kept because I liked the shape of them. I was able to put them together and make something that I really like. The piece is titled Touch. I think the way that it turned out does sort of make you want to reach out and feel it. It's composed of many, many layers which was really fun to do. And of course wax. I hope you like it.

I will be out of commission for a few days until the end of next week and then I will be back to regular posting. After this break who knows what I will want to try next!