Monday, July 19, 2010


I have been absent (again!) I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it has to do with it being summer. Not just that my kids are home, that does cut into my studio time a lot. It's more than that. I feel like I need some time to regroup and and that maybe something new is headed my way. Some new creative step that I am on the brink of. I put in two hours in the studio today and it was a good two hours. I am working on a couple things that I really like. It's just that nothing is done yet. I am slowing way down and taking on longer pieces. It feels good and a little strange. I am used to coming up with an idea and boom, it's done. Part of it is that I am working a little bigger. This is new for me. And a little intimidating. I have been going back and forth between encaustics and acrylics. I have two pieces going on at one time and taking my time on both. It's good actually to take my time. To really think through what I want a piece to be about and try and execute it on a somewhat larger scale. 

There are other changes too. I have recently read Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer.  It is a very well written book. Very disturbing and made me really think about the choices I am making. After a long (10 year) hiatus I have gone back to being a vegetarian. No meat of any kind. It's a good decision for me. I feel better about it. This has been sitting in my brain for a while now and this book just pushed that to the forefront for me. Before I had my son I had every intention of raising him as a vegetarian and then when I was about half-way through my pregnancy I started eating meat. So, that was thrown out the window. Although this may not seem to be related to my art. I really believe it is. As I said, it's made me think a little more about what I am doing. On all levels. 

The other factor is that I need art in my life. When I am not working on something I am reading about it. It's a constant in my life. But I also am enjoying spending the time with my kids who are getting older and wanting more separation, but at the same time are still needing there mommy. I like that, but I know it is fleeting. I feel like this summer is the summer of transition and I need to respect that and go along with it. Not try to push those feelings aside. 

I am still working and still coming up with ideas. I believe there is more change coming for me and I am so curious to see where my art goes. Hopefully you will stick it out with me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still here...

I'm still here! Just took a little vacation and came back home to the mess I didn't want to clean up when it was so hot out. That's kept me busy. I am finally out in the studio, but nothing new to show yet. Tomorrow.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's a hot one today. I didn't get much done in the studio because it's just too warm. And I still haven't figured out how to get up earlier. When it's this hot I just want to sleep in. But I am not going to complain too much. I am happy summer is here. Tomorrow is my birthday and from the time I can remember it has always been hot on my birthday. Tomorrow will be no exception!

I created a couple of pieces that I am going to list in my Etsy shop today. I feel like I haven't worked enough lately. I need to be out in the studio everyday, but sometimes nothing comes out of the time in there. I am sure it will pass. I just like to be creating. It makes me feel good to make something.  

I had a really great fourth of July spending time with friends. I have some very, very talented and creative friends and it's so nice to talk to them. It doesn't happen often enough. Everyone is so busy that it's really hard to just sit down and have a conversation. This time we were able to. Check out there work, there is John Larsen, John Tankersley, and Vicki Lynn Wilson. All amazing artists. Then there were other friends there that don't call themselves artists but are also really creative. It was a great atmosphere and a great time. 

I hope all you PDXers stay cool today. Don't forget to drink water!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I don't mind the rain...again.

Today it rained. It has stopped now which is fine. I actually didn't mind the rain today. Especially since I saw the weather here in Portland is supposed to be in the 90's by next week. Whew, that's going to be hot. 

For some reason the rain today made it feel so good to be out in the studio. I was able to work on a few things and just enjoy being out there. It helps that I have a computer out there that allows me to keep up with friends. It's a good way to take a breather. The kids even stayed out for a little while. 

Anyway, below are the new pieces I listed on Etsy today. I have 89 items on there! I think a sale will be coming up very soon. I will keep you posted. I hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend. I know I will be.